The semester long research, analysis, and documentation will be conducted both individually and in a group.

Individually I will be responsible for absorbing what is learnt in class, from required works, from required buildings, and case studies that I find valid for comparing and connecting to topics in class.

Specific topics of my interest include urbanism, planning, economy, society, art, and technology. These topics will be discussed in context to the built environment.

In a group, meetings will be held weekly where findings can be discussed, analyzed, connected, and furthered into a more intellectual and theoretical conversation. Group members can question each other’s thoughts. 

Group members include Albina Gode and Nicholas Dingman.

Overall, the progression of Modernism will be closely examined so I may leave this project with a better understanding.

The medium for execution is on Blogger. Content may include writing, sketching, and diagramming.
Tags will be in the following format, #arch381[topic]
Examples, #arch381technology, #arch381urbanism.
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